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Testimonials: Testimonials
Kate Ron Le Fitness

Kate M.

If you are looking for a 'budget' trainer who won't push you or hold you accountable for hitting your goals, you are not in the right place. However, if you are looking to work with a trainer who will genuinely care and be committed to helping you make healthy and sustainable progress, there's no one better than Ron.

I came to Ron in January 2014 to get in shape for my wedding. We had 4 months and a lot of work to do. To further complicate matters, I had a hip injury that limited both my strength and range of motion. Ron was with me every step of the way. He created a training and meal program that helped me start slow and build up as I gained strength. I was constantly challenged, but even more importantly, I was constantly supported. Ron checked in on my eating every week, and even asked for pictures of my meals so he could give me tips on how to improve. (That was really intimidating, but it also helped to keep me accountable!)

After 4 months, I felt stronger, healthier, and more confidant than I had ever been in my entire life. In fact, I enjoyed Ron so much that I am still working out with him today. The wedding may be over, but Ron is helping me constantly come up with and achieve new goals and I'm really enjoying it. This time last year, I would not have believed I could be this strong or this healthy. It's a great feeling and it's life changing.


Testimonials: Testimonials
Senny Ron Le Fitness

“The first picture is where Senny STARTED.  Through hard work and persistance she was able to lose a HEALTHY amount of weight in a HEALTHY amount of time (the middle picture).  She even lost a few MORE pounds from when that picture was taken.  The last photo is her most CURRENT picture.  She’s been able to maintain her weight and continue to stay active.
While training her I definitely saw changes in her both physically and mentally.  I’m so proud of how far she has come AND being able to continue living a happier, healthier lifestyle.  It truly makes me happy when I can see my clients carry over what I’ve taught them into their everyday lives.  I firmly believe in aiding my clients in creating a better lifestyle versus keeping up with the latest fad diets and “fitness techniques.” –Ron Le


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